• Our Photography Graced the Cover of many Bible Society Publications

  • Signage & Logo Design for a Local Store

  • African Enterprise Designs

  • Merchandise with Branding

  • Album Cover - Sometimes Human by Mike Rayson

  • The Middle Album Cover with Mike Rayson

  • Hawkesbury Community Services Flyer

  • Hawkesbury Community Services Flyer

  • Hawkesbury Community Services Flyer

  • Hawkesbury Community Services Flyer

  • Stockton Rise Logo

  • Rebecca Rayes Logo

  • AE Prospectus

  • Logo Design

  • Logo Design

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As Official Media Partners to African Enterprise, we provide a wide range of services - from design and printing to videography and multimedia production.  We work closely with the team at AE and provide support whenever and whenever possible.  In 2011 Selwood Media had the honour of designing the 50th Anniversary Celebration Logo which although was initially used within Australia/New Zealand was adopted for International use.  Selwood Media also produced the 50th Anniversary video which was shown Internationally in churches, meetings and online.

AE's Marketing & Communications specialist Sonya Hemsley says:
I have had the pleasure of working with Wes for nearly 2 years now on multiple projects.  He has a real understanding of the pressures and deadlines of many marketing and communication specialists.  Whilst being extremely professional on every level and really listening to the customer’s needs he also takes initiative when getting the best end product.  He is professional, committed, reliable and always open to developing the best product possible.  I have many publications, campaigns and promotions going at once and he is adaptable, works within our many deadlines and always delivers.
I would highly recommend Selwood Media and Design for any of your media needs and Wes Selwood isn’t just a service provider he is a valued member of the African Enterprise family.

- BiMonthly Out of Africa Newsletter
- BiMonthly Prayer Diary
- Annual Report 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
- Prospectus 2012, 2013
- Christmas Appeal 2011, 2012, 2013
- 50th Anniversary Celebration Logo
- 50th Anniversary Video
- AE Week Promo Video
- Various tour promotions, banners, posters & other materials

Recently the Principal of Comleroy Road Public School, North West of Sydney, approached Selwood Media to redesign the school's look and PBL (Positive Behaviours for Learning) System.  Working with the Principal and Staff, we created materials to meet their needs.  Our services extended to creating advertising for the school in local newspapers.

Genesis Event Management has been a vital link in my ambition to freshen the image of my school, Comleroy Road Public School. Wes Selwood has been able to capture my vision, get into my head, and see what I see. Nothing is ever too difficult, no matter how many revisions we made, or how many times I changed my mind. His work is dynamic, professional and engaging, and within a budget that is affordable. Wes is easy to work with. He is refreshing, innovative and creative and able to develop a range of designs to discuss. I would highly recommend Genesis Event Management to any organisation with design needs.
- Cheryl Walker (Principal)

- New PBL Logo
- Letterhead
- Certificates
- Banner
- Signage
- Newspaper Ad

We provide NSW ACC with design & printing services for a range of their events and promotional materials. Their annual State Conference is one of the largest projects we undertake each year, providing all materials including registrations forms, conference diaries, etc...

We have been working with Selwood Media & Design for many years now. Wes is so easy to work with; from coming up with fresh design ideas right through to delivering the printed material on time! I would have no hesitation in recommending Selwood Media & Design to anyone.
- NSW ACC State Administrator Heidi Taylor

- Conference Diary
- Giving Forms
- Voting Slips
- Annual Report Book