About Us

selwood media & design is a company which started as Genesis Lighting in Queensland in 1993 before changing to Genesis Event Management in the late 90’s before changing direction once more into the world of media & communications.  Owner & manager Wes Selwood has been working freelance on various shows since 1986 and spent 1991 & 1992 on the road touring full time, he returned home and registered the business name Genesis Lighting and started what would become a successful enterprise in South East Queensland.

Undertaking productions both large and small, Genesis Lighting produced the More Than Words rally for World Vision in 1994, receiving an Australia Day award for the honour.  They also provided full production services to the Brisbane International Film Festival, Brass Buckle Country Music Eisteddford and the internationally made movie ‘Streetfighter’ starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Raul Julia & Kylie Minogue.  It wasn’t unusual to have a video shoot, a shopping centre opening, a youth rally, an international touring act, an awards night and a symphony orchestra all performing at the same time and yet somehow we were able to cover the lot.

In 1996 a move into New South Wales brought about a name change and a shift in direction.  Genesis Event Management (GEM) focused more on the provision of services rather than just equipment and labour.  The WinterWonderland event was one of the first, working with Vortextivity, the first WW was held in Parramatta Park and featured Human Nature, Barry Crocker, Humphrey B Bear and the cast of Blue Heelers.  These events continue today under the name – Teddy Bears Picnic and are held to raise funds for The Westmead Childrens Hospital.  Other productions included Hillsong Conferences, product launches, events big and small.

Lately we’ve videoed and photographed weddings, events, parties, venues, and journeys – we’ve designed magazines, newspapers, books, catalogues, flyers, logos, digital signage, Bibles, covers, prospectuses, annual reports, business cards, menus, calendars – we’ve built websites, hosted websites and fixed websites.

  • – Bible Society Australia
  • – Chris Sebastian
  • – Eternity News
  • – Mike Rayson International Ministries
  • – The Excellence Centre
  • – Pacific Education Group
  • – Strong Nation Community Services
  • – Vision College
  • – Ambassadors of Compassion (USA)
  • – NSW Australian Christian Churches
  • – Ashfield RSL
  • – Audio Visual Creations
  • – Cafe Cornerstone
  • – Lime & Coconut Cafe
  • – Stockton Rise Retreat