• Fishtail at Eastern Creek

  • Drifting up Eastern Creek

  • Sunset at Eastern Creek

  • Fishtail's XY

  • Ford XY - Touring Car Masters

  • Signage Designed by Selwood Media

  • Transporter with Selwood Media Logo

  • Sponsors Logos

  • Transport Designed by Selwood Media

  • Official Signage Thanking Selwood Media

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Our chosen Pro Bono client is Andrew ‘Fishtail’ Fisher and the Jesus Racing Team. ¬†We provide design services (and some auxiliary services) for many of their needs including: event promotional materials, prospectus’, proposals, signage, flags and more. ¬†Andrew is also part of the Life Choices Foundation – an exceptional programme designed to equip and empower young people and the incarcerated.